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Why Some People Are More Sensitive To The Cold Than Others? Here’s Why

The majority of people prefer winter to summer because they prefer cold to hot. However, some folks might not be pleased with the freezing temperatures of winter. This is due to the fact that each person’s response to cold varies, and in the same setting, some people may experience cold more intensely than others. We’ve listed a few scientific explanations below for why some people in the same surroundings feel colder than others.


Cold sensitivity rises with age as well. In addition to having a thinner layer of fat beneath the skin and being less physically active, older persons are also less likely to be taking any drugs and are more likely to have various medical disorders. Older adults are more vulnerable to the cold for all of these reasons and more.


If you’re a woman, you can feel colder in the same situation than your husband. This is likely a result of the fact that women often have lower core body temperatures, lower skin temperatures (caused by a thicker layer of fat between the skin and the muscles), less muscle (a natural heat producer), and lower metabolic rates than males.

Body Fat

Because fat insulates the body’s centre from cold weather as the skin cools, those with a higher BMI or who are overweight experience cold less than skinny people.

Genetic Factor

You might be more prone to experiencing cold than other people because of your DNA. According to one study, those who lack the muscle protein alpha-actinin-3 are more resistant to cold weather. The decrease of this protein was linked by the researchers to a hereditary variation in the skeletal muscle gene ACTN3.

Cold Contagion

When you see someone close to you trembling in the cold, do you feel the same way? Research has demonstrated that “cold contagion,” a phenomenon, can cause this. According to one study, watching videos of performers acting cold when they weren’t actually in one made some people feel colder.

Rare Exposure To Cold

People who are accustomed to feeling cosy warm in their homes and places of employment may experience excessive coldness when exposed to cooler outdoor temperatures. In the developed world, people spend more time indoors and are seldom ever exposed to the cold.

Medical Problems

Some people may be more prone to feeling cold due to certain medical conditions. For instance, Raynaud’s illness restricts blood flow to specific body regions. In response to cold conditions, this can cause afflicted parts including fingers and toes to feel numb and cold. People who are iron deficient, have thyroid issues, or have diabetes may experience extreme coldness.


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